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Woman by the Water with beaded jewelry
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Expressive Handmade Jewelry that is Well Crafted, Elegant and One of a Kind


Our artisan, Sandra Bell, is the visionary behind our original bead designs. Each piece that Sandra creates uses a vibrant assortment of the highest quality beads.  Her designs are carefully and consciously crafted to provide the discriminating woman, or man, an extension of their taste. Sandra’s designs are exclusive and the quality is unrivaled.

The hope of Elegant Bead Blessings is that each piece that is created will become treasured gifts used over and over, thereby offering an ageless collection of wonderful jewelry pieces showcasing the client’s unique individuality.  Our vision is for you to feel a special connection with every piece created and that our jewelry is indeed one of a kind, much like your distinctive personality.  Elegant Bead Blessings, and Sandra Bell, is intentional about the blessing given, and received, and filling your life with the love, soul and creativity that was put into our work.

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Trying on a Necklace

Meaningful Jewelry Made with You in Mind

Make every moment special with Elegant Bead Blessings! Our unique, handmade jewelry is crafted with intention and purpose, using only the highest quality beads. Let us create your one of a kind piece to last a lifetime.

Be Beautiful, Glamorous & Confident


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